Our Ethos

Jacaranda College’s slogan is “We choose equality, dignity, diversity and development.” This root principle doxologizes our Mission, Vision and Value Statements.

We are committed to academic excellence and strive to provide a dynamic, well-resourced and challenging learning environment driven by technology, where children are encouraged to grow in wisdom, knowledge and leadership nurturing equality, diversity, integrity, courage and respect.

We envisage for our children to:

  • Excel academically and be proficient in all core scholastic capabilities and disciplines;
  • Become independent leaders in a global society;
  • Be confidently innovative and free-thinking;
  • Be emotionally and spiritually intelligent, secure, content and fulfilled;
  • Be community sensitive and be progressive activists in influencing their own future;
  • Be competent to take responsibility and accountability for their own considered and measured choices, decisions and lives, following which, they consequentially, realise their full magnificent potential.

Our values and ethics are firmly founded on a Christian value system. In this we hold close:-

  • A spirit of humility, patience and gentleness
  • A spirit of love, faith and goodness
  • A spirit of service and restraint
  • A spirit of obedience and modesty
  • A spirit of optimism, joy and peace
  • A spirit of forgiveness, compassion and acceptance

The four pillars supporting the Educational and Developmental structure of our school are:-

Our firm believe that the children in our care, irrespective of age, and their parents are clients.  With a client a strong, protective and long-term relationship is formed.  We have regular interactions with our clients and the relationship professionally, is of far more value than merely economic.

The axis of our school is the care, supervision and safekeeping of our children.  We believe that we stand in the place of every parent every day that a child is left in our care – as such, we share the same responsibilities and accountabilities in the care, education and growth of every child…but also, the same hopes and dreams for their lives and futures.  Nurturing the spirit of every child is of paramount importance to us.

We embrace diversity and encourage tolerance in respect of all individualism.  We practice, teach and enforce Christian principles of neighbourly love, humanity, dignity and respect.  We acknowledge the worth of each person’s right to choose and free will and we place a very high premium on equality and fairness.

Today, 63% of all children going to school are unhappy.  We strive to ensure that 100% of all children enrolled with us are 100% happy.  We acknowledge that the purpose of education today is also about making the world a better place.  In this conceptual age, more than ever, we need to educate our children how to find balance, how to think laterally and logically, how to form and keep meaningful relationships and most importantly how to form their own distinctive character and moral set of values.

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